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Charleston Pop Art – Exploring the Past and Present

November 27, 2018 ,
Charleston SC abstract contemporary art
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Elvis Pop Art painting

Pop Art has always been near to my heart and an area of my work that I love to explore and share -especially with those who also feel invigorated in the presence of the bright, bold colors that radiate from a traditional Pop Art piece.

My affection for Pop Art is perhaps due to my time spent working in New York City in the 1960’s – a social landscape where the art scene was filled with imaginative images.

Audrey Hepburn pop art

“Audrey” 48×68 acrylic

I’ve also always gravitated towards pop stars of bygone eras as they’re powerful subjects for modern art and open to so much interpretation. Although many artists work in this genre today, I find there is still a never-ending supply of artistic ideas and interpretations that complement it.

Pop Art – A Visceral Experience

Elvis Pop Art

People have a visceral response in the presence of a painting of an idol they’ve always loved and admired.

Years ago I came upon a woman standing outside of  my art studio, staring at an Elvis painting I had on display, with tears running down her face.

Where does that kind of emotional response come from? I’ll leave it to your imagination, but it’s exciting when a piece of art allows your feelings to run wild with warmth and acknowledgement. A time machine that transports you to a certain moment in life where it all connects. 


Pop Art at Charleston Gallery Mitchell Hill

Jimi Hendrix Pop Art

Jimi Hendrix  48 x 48 acrylic

To experience the allure of Pop Art in person, I invite you to Mitchell Hill Gallery at 438 King Street in Charleston, SC for an expression of art that’s both timeless, and a promise of the future.

The Charleston art gallery features a wide range of exhibitors from the Lowcountry and beyond, bringing some of the nation’s most intriguing artists and pieces to historic Charleston, SC.

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