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David 30 x 40

Drawings by Charleston Artist Tom Potocki

May 27, 2016 ,
Charleston Abstract Art

Drawing has always been one of Tom Potocki’s passions from a young age. Bold black and white charcoal reinventions of the classics is one of his favorites.

Charleston Art Drawing

Face with Graffiti 30 x 40

“Face with Graffiti” is a 30×40 mixed media drawing on illustration board.  The dramatic presence of this drawing earned it a selective placement in Northlight Books “Strokes of Genius 2,” featuring prominent artists from all over the country.

Best of Drawing Light and Shadow

This drawing and many other works can be seen and are available in Charleston through Mitchell Hill, 438 King Street.

dramatic black and white pillar

Law Column 30 x 40

“Law Column” is another example of the classics gone modern.  At 30×40, this provocative drawing would give an aura of strength and confidence in any office setting.

Modern Elvis Presley Drawing in Black and White

Early Elvis 40 x 60

“Early Elvis” has it all, from the familiar to the unexpected, hard hitting graffiti tempered by the soft portrait underneath, it is the ultimate in modernity in any decor, complementing any color scheme.

Large Drawing of Classical Warrior

Warrior 30 x 40

We’ve all been warriors at one time or another in our lives, or maybe a past life.  The feeling behind this drawing is palpable, and evokes the past, present and future all at once.

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